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put another dime in the juke box baby

today was weird
not really good or bad
just weird
in band eric said "sixteenth note retard" (i played an eighth note) and he said it really meanly, and it made me sad. i finally got an A on an english quiz thing (a 95) at least it think thats what a 19/20 comes out to. ss i think i didmeh on the test, italian is insanley boring, math is ok, lunch was totally ass kickin, everyone was telling secrets and so i was like telephone! so we played telephone and it was a lot of fun, everyone kept changing it. like really badly for example Tania said I love me (i think) and it ended as eddie has sexuality problems, or maybe tania said eddie has sexuality problems...i cant remember. it was funny though, health we're starting a project that sounds kinda cool, we're in groups of six *crosses fingers that hot kid will be in group* science was sooo much fun, we just played with dry ice the whole time, kevin and matts balloon got so huge and i drew mr. gessler on it. lol. yah. but, the best part of the entire day was the bus ride home
the people in the back of the bus were being really assholic (lol thats a strange word....) i have no clue what they were doing, but whatever it was it was pissing off the guy behind us and he was giving the back people the middle finger and what not (i dont really know exactly what happened, i dont sit in the back) but then u hear a thud...the dude threw a shoe at the bus and then he gets out of his car to pick up his shoe. and he pulled a horn out of nowhere and was sticking it out the window and blowing on it. it was hysterical.
oh yah in science seth ate a doughnut out of the garbage (it was in the box but still)
i had "Jumper" by Third eye Blind stuck in my head alllll day. it was my favourite song when i was like 9 or 1o which is creepy cause its about suicide.....gotta go do homework, cya
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