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Happy thanksgiving

this morning i woke up at 11!
that was really nice....
spent most of the morning cleaning and straightening my hair. (i've yet to master it)
made the food set up in my house extremely symmetrical
my cousin Jamie came, and my uncle jimmy.
annoyingly akward silence for a while
then my aunt kathy, cousin sean and his wife kelly came
kelly is the prettiest person ever, and shes 8 months pregnant and shes still amazingly pretty.
we broke out the Uno
we can make uno one hell of an intense game, us fariellos
i was singing Bon Jovi all day
ahhhh we're half way there aaaaahhhhhh livin on a pray take my hand, we'll make it i swear ahhh livin on a prayerrr
struck through the heart and your to blame you give love a bad name
we ate
i had no turkey and no ham though
and i dont know why
it was too far across the table to bother with
ya, then we played some more uno
then desert
then we just sat around for a while, talking about random things
like feet...
then they left
then me and megan watched the 10 years conan special
then moira came!
and we watched whose line/south park/and somethin else...i dont remember, lol
then we watched trading spaces/queer eye (ya, we were flipping channels, if u didnt get that)
it was the best queer eye with the guy who looked like David Bowie
and trading spaces is always good
my sister just informed me that gooncies is on
so im cutting this entry short
see all the ice skating people tomorrow!
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