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*snatches from lauren*

[my name is]: elise

[in the morning i am]: dead tired

[love is]: pumpkin pie.

[i dream about]: i have no clue, my dreams are completely random and strange

-W I T H .T H E. O P P O S I T E. S E X-

[what do you notice first?]: i dunno, they always ask this questio and i always make stuff up

[last person u slow danced with]: my daddy at my cousins wedding

-W H O-

[do you have a crush on?]: *sigh* i dunno

[easiest to talk to]: depends on the topic

-H A V E .Y O U .E V E R-

[fallen for your best friend]: well, i "fell" for him and then he becmame my bestfriend

-W H O .W A S .T H E .L A S T. P E R S O N-

[you talked to on the phone]: my aunt lila (she talked to me for about ten minutes before realizing that i wasnt megan)

[hugged]: mwgan

[you instant messaged]: lauren

[you laughed with]: megan and marybeth

-D O .Y O U / / A R E .Y O U-

[could you live without the computer?]: doubt it

[what's your favorite food?]: pumpkin pie, i love autumn just for the pie, lol

[whats ur favorite fruit?]: hmm, red apples

[what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain?]: emotional, unless u get paralized...because emotional pain will make u twitch *twitches*

[trust others way too easily?]: nah, i dont really trust people

-N U M B E R-

[of times i have had my heart broken? ]: zipo!! (prolly cause i dont trust people :p)

[of hearts i have broken?] : one..maybe....but i didnt mean to!

[of boys i have kissed?] : nonoe, i wish people would stop reminding me of this

[of girls i have kissed?] : well. not in a naughty

[of drugs taken illegally?] : ...none!

[of tight friends?] : a few, i dunno, how close do u have to be before your 'tight'

[of cd's that i own?] : not really that many actually

[of scars on my body?] : one that i know of, on my big toe

[of things in my past that i regret?] : oh quite a few


[i know]: my calculus

[i want]: a boyfriend

[i have]: the time ward in my head

[i wish]: i had tight abs

[i hate]: school

[i miss]: last year

[i fear]: being alone (sorry lauren i copied you)

[i hear]: richard o'brian singing! *changes cd* *nods* make that weird al singing

[i search]: the internet!!!

[i love]: looking for lj/blurty/aim icons

[i ache]: i dont ache!

[i care]: about my grades

[i always]: try to do good

[i dance]: when im happy

[i cry]: on lonely wednsday nights when i feel that my whole life is pointless and im gunna fail college and become a failure and everyones gunna hte me so i might as well just kill myself now... damn those wednsdays

[i do not always]: say the right things

[i write]: in livejournal

[i confuse]: myself

[i can usually be found]: in america

[i need]: a hug

[have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing]: nope

[if so, when and with who]: *twidles thumbs*

[favorite place to be kissed?]: i havent ever been kissed!

[have you ever been caught "doing something"]: no...

HEY lauren took this part of the survey the other day... *skips*


[impacted you the most spiritually]: lol, this is a strange, i dunno!

[wish you saw more often]: vin

[wish you could meet]: i've met em all

[most sarcastic]: *shrug*

[wish you knew better]: vin

[knows you best]: i dunno

[best outlook on life]: moira?

[most paranoid]: Mike (i have no clue, so i'll just keep what lauren said)

[sweetest]: moira


[your best feature (personality)]:

[your biggest flaw (personality)]: stupidity, paranioa, over-thinking things, coming to stupid conclusions, talking before thinking

[most annoying thing you do]: twirl my hair (it even annoys me!)

[biggest mistake you've made this far]: being remotley smart to begin with, parentals expect more from me than i can do

[describe your personality in one word]: confused

[the physical feature for which you are most often complimented]: i have no clue, my eyes i guessm moira said i have the same shaped head as ellie on degrassi and i think shes really pretty, lol

[person you regret sleeping with]: pfft

[height]: 5'2" and a little bit

[a smell that makes you smile]: paper, books

[a city you'd like to visit]: london, paris

[a drink you order most often]: water?

[a delicious dessert]: pumpkin pie

[a book you highly recommend]: harry potter, lord of the rings, enders game and the rest of the ender-type books.... sharon creech books, madeline l'engle, the hobbit, kevin j. anderson books...

[the music you prefer while alone]: when im alone and sad? third eye blind...ummm ok so i dont have much sad music, lol, but when im happy, weird al, beatles, harry nilsson, and for whenever, sublime, david bowie...o i cant name everything

[your favorite band]: beatles, zeppelin, i dunno!

[a film you could watch over and over]: the movie lost in space! it is just so bad that by the end of it u've already forgotten the begining

[a TV show you watch regularly]: smallville, degrassi, i love the 80s, american idol (when its on....)

[you live in a(n)]: house.....

[your transportation]: my feetsies, parentals car

[your cologne or perfume]: warm vanialla sugar? lol

[under your bed or in your closet you hide]: um, all the crap that doesnt fit on the floor?

[something important on your night table]: my cast-signed chamber of secrets book, billy boyd signed fellowship thing, special edition hobbit, lord of the rings trilogy, harry potter series, my tuanuan/wampa/han/luke star wars little kids set (ya i like my nightstand
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