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ishould stop listening to this song, cause otherwise when i get the cd im gunna be sick of it

current clothing: camp shirt, blue pants (my pjs!)
current mood: okay
current taste: cookies
current hair: down...
current annoyance: school
current smell: my basement?
current thing you ought to be doing: homework.
current jewelry: the ring i got at the ren faire, my clotta (sp?) sing, and the ring i got at tower of london, my fish braclet, the braclet lauren made for mefish necklace, bead necklace megan got for me and one of those bally connecty thinfgs i found on the floor
current book: goblet
current refreshment: ice, damn u lauren
current worry: english test tomorrow? i cant remember! lol
current crush: *shrug*
current favorite celebrity: Corey Feldman
current longing: christmas
current music: elton john
current wish: i had 100 dollars and a list of what people want for christmas
current lyric in your head: only you and you cant
current makeup: nada
current undergarments: lol underwear and a bra?
current regret: eating all the cookies so quickly
current plans for tonight/weekend: nothing, ice skating next weekend i hope
current cuss word du jour: poop : p
current disappointment: school tomorrow
current amusement: my dad making fun of me for being retarded
current IM/person you're talking to:no one, everyone hates me
current love: corey feldman, jason mraz
current obsession: ....corey feldman, jason mraz
current avoidance: any homework related things
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