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yesterday i went to cassies with lauren
we played volent video games
her dogs are adorable
and we watched some of the hot chick
yah, we went home, then lauren came back here cause here mommy went out
we were watching audio commentary on the tt but my attention span wouldnt let me sit that long
so we made cookies
and then i straightened her hair
then we played spit (i won damnit)
then we were watching the Kim Possible movie
and then my mommy took her home
i cam ehome and watched the rest of the Kim Possible movie, lol it was good
theni went to sleep
then i woke up
and we got a new couch
its really cool
then i went to the mall
im horrible at buying presents for people
i bought a beatles picture for my parents
lauren bought shoes
while we were waiting for laurens madre to come the pay phone kept ringing, this guy was calling for someone named megam
he was very nice, he was like, old are u? then he told me i sounded older than 14, and he was telling me about christmas shopping case i told him i wasnt good at buying presents for people.
lol, i liked him
then laurens mom paid for two shirts
and i went home and went to church
came home and watched tv
my sister left me and went to marybeths
i hate when she does that at night cause then i always end up watching a movie by myself
and i dont like that
i wish i had a boyfriend who lived next door
like ryan smith
he's really hot
and i've known him since i was really little
and he licves alllll the way in massachussetts

i am officially in love with Jason Mraz
and Corey Feldman
shall i watched the Lost Boys?
or Goonies?
i just watched Goonies the other day
but its slightly better than the lost boys

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