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i know you like whats on my mind

hi ya'll
today wasnt a super-good day
i did really horrible on my english test thing
we had mr. uhh... the other band teacher instead if mr. andreas today. my ss teacher is cool. completely insane, but cool. italian i think i did good on the writing thing. math, my math class is cool, so its all good. lunch...uhm, ya id ont really remember what health we watched national lampoons christmas vaction (when i told my parents this they complained about tax money going to waste..) science, i think i did good on the test quizz thing but i alwaysd feel that way and i always do bad anyway. the retarded bus driver took the longest route ever home and i had the biggest headache and the girl behind me had the most annoying voice and would not shut up and she kept snapping her gum and i was oging to shoot her. came home...watched tv...went to sax...came home...watched tv...whoot

tomorrows thanksgiving
it really doesnt feel thanksgivingy. my nanna and grandpa arent here. and my aunt kathy, uncle mike, and my cousins kristen and mike arent coming. :(. i hope we play uno. last thanksgiving was cool. this one doesnt look too promising

i want to go ice skating like u have no idea
maybe, megan and marybeth would go with me?
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